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About VILY KOZAR cabinets/carpentry
Working for you since 72'

Hello and welcome to VILY KOZAR cabinets/carpentry. Since 1972 Vily has been a carpenter and cabinet maker in the greater Ottawa area. His european craft has shaped some of the most coveted heritage buildings in Ottawa. Vily’s strengths also lie in custom work as well as schools and select GC's. The relationships Vily has created over the last 40 plus years has established a client comfort level to the point where a small conversation takes the client from concept to finish. Along the way he has proudly shared his knowledge, skill and professionalism in a way that makes all of his understudies great. At VILY KOZAR cabinets/carpentry we are truly here to work for you. Give us call or drop by the shop. You may even bump into VILY as he now enjoys short work weeks.

We are available to discuss your building project and provide a free written estimate, call Joren Harris at 613-728-8633.